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The Eastern Slovaks kicked off the running season at the Košice Airport
Administrator, 30.04.2017

The second year of the night run on the Košice airport runway exceeded the expectations. Both beginners and experienced runners could not get enough of a good quality track and efficient and functionally illuminated track. The main source of energy, however, was the fantastic atmosphere created by those for whom these events are intended - the runners and their supporters. Even weather did not discourage them, it improved dramatically in the evening, even though it did not look like it at the beginning of the week.

Run for a good feeling and the best time
While some were constantly watching their time and were encouraging themselves and their surroundings for the best possible performance, the track was also enjoyed by those at their casual pace: "Do not ask me about the time but about all the endorphins. That's where I am the winner! We have agreed with colleagues that we will try it, not for the performance, but for the feeling that you are in a huge space and you go your own pace, in harmony, alongside music, lights and other runners, it was a fantasy, "said Lenka of Košíc.

The winner of the male category at 5km was Košice born PATRIK VYŠŇOVSKÝ with the time of 0:16:29. In second place was EMIL HENČEK (0:17:08). The third in category 5K was MICHAL IVANČO from Banské (0:17:11). Amongst women in the 5K category dominated LUCIA LINKESCHOVÁ from Košice, who was third last year, now she ran for the first place with the time of 0:20:13. The second was conquered by Košice born SIMONA ŠOFRANKOVÁ (0:20:18), the third finished also Košice born - IVANA SZABOOVA (0:20:45).

The fastest team was the BANSKÉ Sports Club (0:19:10), headed by MICHAL IVANČ and TAMARA IVANČOVÁ.

10km track is also very popular. In the men's category, Košiče born TIBOR SAHAJDA won with a time of 0:30:17, who enjoyed it a lot: "I am happy, the event was at the perfect level, it's a non-traditional run, it's different, but one does not have the chance to get around to run at the airport. " Amongst others, the marathon runner IMRICH PÁSTOR from Košice was also first time at the airport and he finished in second place (0:32:04). Third place belonged to MARIÁN ZIMMERMANN from Kluknava (0:32:36). First place in a female category 10K won KATARÍNA LAMIOVÁ with time of 0:40:13. The silver medal was for Miriam REISTETTEROVÁ from Košice (0:42:45), Prešov born LUCIA ILKOVA (0:44:07) took the third place. The fastest team in the 10K category was GEKON Sport with a time of 0:34:51, headed by IMRICH PÁSTOR and JOZEF STAŠIK.

The track was secured from several areas, the runners underwent strict control. "We learnt from some mistakes from last year, so the second year went easier, everything went just exactly on time. I would like to point out that people were disciplined, for which we are very grateful. Everything literally went without any complication, as you can see, everyone enjoyed running, it is the best feedback for us, even the wind has settled in the evening, "said Main Event organizer Marek Petráš from the Radio Košice.

Wizz Air Košice Runway Run opened the season for both professional and recreational runners. It also attracted hundreds of fans who did not get to the runway from a safety point of view, but they could repeatedly use a large screen to send the messages which were played to runners during the run. Bubonz, Dj's Parties Radio Košice played to encourage runners, Peter Bič performed on the main stage as well as other attractions were provided.

The airport terminal has turned into a huge playground
For the runners to enjoy the running, they could leave their children at the airport terminal in the Tramtária. Michael Tmej, head of the airport in Košice, is delighted: "The competition is beautiful, last year I ran and I realized that it is a great start of the summer season and people can run on the runway first and then take off."

The flight schedule did not have to be modified, the runners even one hour before the start accompanied the takeoff of a plane to Sheffield. "For Wizz Air, it is very important to promote an active lifestyle. We have several running events at the most important base sites, this year we have supported more than 35,000 runners. Košice is also very important to us, we look forward to being part of this run, "said Boglarka Spak, Wizz Air regional marketing manager.

WIZZ AIR KOŠICE RUNWAY RUN wrote the second chapter and confirmed that Radio Košice does not do only first years. They would like to come back to this tradition next year too. "In September, we will run the Košice Night Run and in 2018 we would certainly like to return to Košice Airport," concluded the successful event main organizer Marek Petráš.

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