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Administrator, 29.04.2018

Fastest passengers whom Košice airport ever hosted enjoyed the Košice Runway Run 2018 to the full.

Perfect weather, great organization and excellent performances have created a unique atmosphere. Night runs simply belong to Košice area, the result is also a run on a runway of Košice airport. Nearly 1,600 runners registered for the start of the prestigious run on the take-off and landing runway, which is more than last year. The runners has started the spring season in the last weekend of April : "The weather was excellent, the people were traditionally great and very disciplined, we are very pleased with the organization, everything was great," said Marek Petráš, head of the event, straight after announcing the results.

The runners "were flying" on 5 and 10 km long tracks and enjoyed it extremely. The only run of this kind in Slovakia opened for the third time in the area that is not normally accessible to the public. "It's a very nice event. We were lucky enough to have good weather. You could see the great mood of people, everyone laughed and was happy and therefore we are happy too. Airlines need passengers and airports, and the event is good when people are involved, which has been confirmed," said Košice Airport's director Michael Tmej.

Runners were encouraged by the music, faster athletes and illuminated track. Everyone appreciated the fact that the medal and the t-shirt for running with the logo of the event were won by every single runner, regardless of time and performance. At the end, nearly 1,300 runners stepped on the start line.

The fastest amongst men in the 10K category was Ukrainian EDUARD HAPAK (Uzhorod) with 00:32:27, for whom it was the first run along the airport: "It was going very well, lots of people, atmosphere and organization were great, it will be nice memories for me, because I won." MARIAN ZIMMERMANN (Kluknava) took second place with time 00:32:51, bronze medal was taken by MICHAL LAMI (Košice) with the result of 00:33:37.

Amongst women ZUZANA DURCOVA (Myjava) showed excellent performance with a time of 00:37:17 and did not hide enthusiasm: "I had a plan to run the first five lightly and then depending on the feeling I would see what is next. But I was running pretty well, the track is fine, I do not know how it is possible, but I still felt like running down the hill. " The second place took KATARINA LAMIOVA (Košice), who did ten miles at 00:37:45 . The third place was won by DANICA REDECHOVA (Bratislava) with time 00:41:58.

Košice Runway Run also enjoyed lovers of shorter tracks. The first at finishing line at 5K was PATRIK VYŠŇOVSKÝ MBO Strážske) with time of 00:16:21. "I chose this track for a simple reason, it's excellent for me. I have overdone it at the beginning, I was at 2:57 in the first kilometer, and it was dragging with me so I'm not happy with the time, but I'm happy with the first place. " The second fastest in the category for 5 km was LUDVIG HERICH (Medzev) with time 00:17:03. The third place was occupied by MICHAL IVANČO (Banské), who conquered the track at 00:17:44.

Women also did well in category 5K. First at the finishing line was TAMARA IVANČOVÁ (Banské) with the time of 00:20:03 "It was a good run, very straight, last year when I was here, it was windy, I was hiding behind other runners, but today it was amazing." Silver was taken by SIMONA ŠOFRÁNKOVÁ (Košice) with time 00:20:28. The third place conquered MICHAELA IVANČOVÁ (Banska) with the time of 00:20:52.

It's a good tradition for teams to regularly step on a start together. In the third year there was the LAZY SNAILS (MAŤAŠ Patrik, Jakub Francan) with the time of 00:18:51 on the five-kilometer track. Ten kilometers dominated the BigMedia team (Daniel Tabacko, Marek Kolarcik) with 00:34:53.

Unique run this year attracted many visitors of all ages. The fastest in the 60-year-old category was HELENA LITVÁKOVÁ (Trebišov) with a time of 00:47:59 on the ten kilometer track. The fastest man in this category was BARTOLOMEJ FITZERE (Seňa) with 00:44:03. In the category up to 15 years, PATRIK MAŤAŠ (Košice) with the time of 00:18:36 was among the fastest runners for 5 km. TAMARA IVANČOVÁ (Banská) with the time of 00:20:03 was dominated in the category of girls under the age of 15.

The atmosphere before and during the run was complemented by a great mood in front of the Košice airport. Although fans could not get to the track for security reasons, they could see their favorites runners on the large-screen wtih live transmission directly from the track. The BUBONZ and Dj's Party of Radio Kosice kicked off the event, the fans of the airplanes also appreciated the historical exhibition of air objects and the children's playground, which transformed the airport into a large playground.

"Nightlife enthusiasts will be pleased with the information that they will be able to step on a runway next year, the fourth year is scheduled for April 27, 2019. But let's shorten this waiting by the invitation for the Košice Night Run, 7.9.2018, we will meet in the historical center of Košice again, " added Petráš.


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