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Administrator, 17.04.2018

East Slovaks will start a spring season in a big style. They will step on a non-traditional, although for some of them already well-known running track so they can enjoy the KOŠICE RUNWAY RUN 2018 with hundreds of other athletes. The landing and take-off runway of the Košice airport will be taken over by the runners on 28th April, all what we are waiting for is your registration.

Registration launched
Administrator, 01.02.2018

Here is the first year of a unique running event – KOŠICE RUNWAY RUN 2018 – evening run directly on the Košice airport runway. Registration has started, log online today - the number of runners is limited, given the specificity of the event!


The Eastern Slovaks kicked off the running season at the Košice Airport
Administrator, 30.04.2017

The second year of the night run on the Košice airport runway exceeded the expectations. Both beginners and experienced runners could not get enough of a good quality track and efficient and functionally illuminated track. The main source of energy, however, was the fantastic atmosphere created by those for whom these events are intended - the runners and their supporters. Even weather did not discourage them, it improved dramatically in the evening, even though it did not look like it at the beginning of the week.

Athletes can fly with a special price after the run
Administrator, 25.04.2017

Košice is the first and only city in Slovakia with the opportunity to run directly on the airport's runway, thanks to the author of this idea - Radio Košice. Hundreds of runners will enjoy a run, a non-traditional illuminated track, but also a lot of entertainment as well. All of this already this coming Saturday - April 29, 2017 at the Košice Airport.